Over 200,000 pets are looking for a home in Australia each year. 100,000 don't make it out of the pound. Adopt an animal and save a life! Starring Vickie Davy from PetRescue, Braden, Emma and the sneezy Ned, Rowena and rescue pets Cat, Hank and Stella. Big thank you to Ben's Camera Hire for donating camera equipment and GoPro Melbourne.

Braden, Emma and their little munchkin Ned rescued two beautiful dogs, Hank and Stella. Timid Hank had been in a pound for almost a year and Stella was days away of being put down because she had been dumped and was so underweight.

The gorgeous feline, Cat, turned up at Rowena's door one night. Rowena decided to take him in, and the rest is history. Meet the Mayor of Lawson's Grove.